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A few mistakes inevitably seem to creep into every book. So far, FileMaker Pro 8 Visual QuickStart has ttwo problems:
Note: Before Oct. 3, 2007, the example files posted for downloading were unintentionally locked. When you tried to open them in FileMaker, you had to enter a password, which naturally folks didn't have. My apologies. Download the file containing the unlocked example databases used in the book, and you'll be on your way. They're compressed in a zip file that will open fine whether you're running a PC or a Mac.

• page 7, The first bullet item says the Fast Send feature is covered in Chapter 15 (Sharing), when I ultimately decided to skip coverage of the feature. (That first chapter was written long before I actually wrote Chap. 15 and I simply forgot to delete the reference.)
Here, however, is a snippet of text from FileMaker's own online Knowledge Base on how to use it. The key step is step 5, which lets you automatically generate an email of any field(s) you've selected.
1. Click the field and select the contents, for example highlight all or part of the text (or in a container field select the file or image).
2. Choose Edit menu > Export Field Contents.
3. In the Export Field to File dialog box, choose a location and type a filename. FileMaker Pro saves the field's content to a new file in the specified location.
4. (Optional) Choose Automatically open file to open the file after it is saved
5. (Optional) Choose Create email with file as attachment to create an email with the saved file attached. Then click Save.
You can find this same info page by going to FileMaker's support area and typing: "Using The New Fast Send Feature" in the search field.

FileMaker Pro 6 Visual QuickStart has three errors:
page 189, step 2 says to use the Standard toolbar to activate the Format Painter. If you're running Windows, that's true. But if you're using a Mac, then you'll need to use the Format menu to choose the Format Painter.

page 217, Figure 13.14 caption says the pre-script settings will appear in the upper right window of the Script Definition dialog box. That was true in FileMaker 5.5, but no longer in FileMaker 6. Instead, the window only displays settings that you add as you build a script.

page 240, step 5 & Figure 14.13 caption contradict each other. The text in step 5 is wrong and the caption is right. You just need to make sure that the contents of the two fields is identical. The names of the two fields need not be identical but their content must be.

Should you find an error in the books—or something that's confusing, go to the home page and use the Contact link that appears in the menu.

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