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Using the DW CS4 Visual QuickProject example files

Please read all of this page before downloading these example files for the CS4 edition of Creating a Web Site in Dreamweaver. Example files for earlier editions can be reached using the text or cover links in the left-hand column.

With these example files, you can literally follow along with each task as it's explained in Creating a Web Site in Dreamweaver CS4: Visual QuickProject Guide. Or you use them simply as a starting point for building your pages by replacing the text and images with your own. I'd recommend doing both: the step-by-step approach and then using them to build your own site—but that's just my learning style. In any case, these files won't make sense unless you also buy the book.

First set up your example site

Before you download the example files, begin by setting up your local Web site, as explained on pages 8–9 on the book. As shown in step 5 on page 9, name your local root folder DWcs4_DEMO. This will be the folder to which you'll move the various example files after you actually download them. Go ahead and do that now. We'll wait.

What you'll download

Instead of putting everything into one huge compressed file, which would be very slow to download, I've broken out the example files into several different files.

The main file/folder you'll use,includes all the files used to build the example site used in the book. It includes the original image files as well. (As of 1/1/2010 it now includes the files marked ADDED in the image below.) Install it as part of your local site (as explained above) and start from scratch following along step by step. Once you download it and expand it with a double-click, it looks like this:
image of downloaded folder after expanded

All these files use the same names found in the book, so you should be able to simply follow the book's step-by-step instructions to build the site created over the course of the book. Be aware that the style sheet, mainDestinations.css, does not contain all the styles you'll create in the book. If it did, all the linked pages would look like their finished versions. Instead, you will build out this style sheet as you work through the book.

That's where the second group of example files come in. They are organized by chapter, with each file having a before and after version, which is linked to the proper style sheet. Take a look at the screen shot below and you'll see that there are pairs of example files for each task covered in that particular chapter/folder. In Chapter 3 (chap03_cs4demo), for example, you'll see paired files for adding an image, adding a flash file, flowing text around images, etc.

  1. The file names attempt to make the pairings obvious:
    Chap03_pp27-28__B4add_image.html and
  2. The style sheets are tucked away in a folder, chap03_stylesheets, since they simply control how these pages look. You'll not be changing these but instead will be working on the from-scratch site's style sheet, maindestinations.css.
what's inside individual chapter folders

So these individual chapter files act as your guide to whether your own from-scratch efforts are staying on track. Once you've installed them in your site, you can set up Dreamweaver with three tabs—your working Web file, the B4… file, and the AFTER… file. To see how you're doing, you can then just bounce from tab to tab:
view of working file

view of reference file

Finally…the downloads

Download these files to the default location you've already set up in your Web browser. After downloading a chapter's file, go to that location and expand each file by double-clicking it.

The single build-your-site-from-scratch file:
Check your own work chapter by chapter with these files:

Note: I've tried to make this as simple as possible. If you have any problems or simply find parts of it confusing, please contact me. Enjoy—and THANKS for using my book.

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