Text Bits to Copy & Paste As You Build Site

As you work your way through the book, you'll be building out the now largely empty index.html page. Below you'll find the bits of text you'll need as you go. Just copy and paste them into index.html (or the other pages mentioned in the book) and save yourself some typing.
All the type snippets are plain text, since you'll be doing all your own styling as you go through the book.

Text Snips for Chap 2

'Add Text' on pages 15-16

Steps 1–2 (for replacing "Header" and "Main Content" header):
Roman Holiday

Step 2 (text before step 3's em dash):
You can have your own fabulous Roman holiday without ever setting foot in the Eternal City. Avoid the big city crush by exploring the great Roman architecture found across the rest of Europe. You'll find plenty of history and culture

Step 4 (text after you add your own em dash in step 3):
from Romania's forests to the plains of Spain and the valleys of France.

'Create Headings' on pages 19-20

Step 5 (for replacing "H2 level heading" and placeholder text below it)
Getting Around

If you want to tool around on a little Vespa, as Audrey Hepburn did in Rome, we're ready for you. Or if a compact camper is more your style, Gregory Peck just might want to go along.

'Create Lists' on pages 21-22

Step 2 (for replacing text in the "Services" sidebar)
Package Tours
On Your Own
Language Lessons

'Add a Footer' on pages 23-24

Step 2 (for replacing placeholder text in the footer)
All rights reserved. (insert copyright symbol) 2007 Destinations Travel LLC.

Text Snips Chap 3

'Add Flash Video' on pages 29-31

Steps 4–6 (for inserting example text before the .swf and .flv files):
Moving Around
For all you Rome lovers, fear not! We will spend two spirited days and nights exploring this splendid city.

Roman Baths—Not
There will be a spa spot for you weary shoppers, though it looks nothing like this:

'Add Quicktime Video' on pages 32-33

Steps 4–6 (for inserting example text before the .mov file):

Or this:

Text Snips Chap 4

'Add a Table' on pages 46-47

Step 4 (for adding the labels for the header cells):

Steps 6–7 (for adding the tour's place names into the table cells):
former palace
temple, bridge, arches

'Import Tabular Data' on pages 52-54

Step 1 (for creating the page's header text):
Roman Holiday: Details

Step 3: The text for this step is found within two separate files in the 'chap04_cs4demo' folder, which is part of the example files you downloaded. The two files are 'details_RomanHoliday.txt' (comma separated value format) and 'details_RomanHoliday.xls' (Microsoft Excel format).
(The download process is explained at http://waywest.net/dwvqj/dwcs4examples.html .)

Text Snips Chap 5 (there are none needed)

Text Snips Chap 6

'Create Class-based Style' on pages 93-95

Step 1 (You only need this text if you are working from scratch. If you're working from the 'chap06_cs4demo' folder and the 'Chap06_pp86-92__B4create_compoundstyle.html' file—both included in the downloaded examples, the text is already on the page.):

We learned so much, had so much fun, and made great friends.
—Dolores G., Alhambra CA

It was more than just an architecture tour. I felt like the Romans were camped just over the hill. —Harold R., Grand Forks ND

Text Snips Chap 7

'Add Navigation Menu' on pages 98-102

Step 4 (for replacing the top-level menu bar labels):

Where to Go
When to Go
Go Now

Step 5 (for replacing the second- and third-level menu bar labels):

Latin America

'Add Jump Menu' on pages 103-105

Steps 3–5 (for filling in the text box of the Insert Jump Menu dialog boxes):

Quick Trip Tips
What to Pack
What to Leave Behind
Money Tips
Reducing Jet Lag

'Create Form' on pages 106-111

Step 2 (for adding the header and the paragraph of text below it):

How can we help?

Got a question? Looking for leads? Whatever you need, we'll do our best to help you. Just fill out this form. Please allow 24 hours for a response. Thanks!

Steps 12–15 (for creating the multiple-choice question and its choices):

How did you find us?
Sky Writing

Steps 16–17 (for creating the single-choice question):

Would you like to join our mailing list?
No thanks

Text Snips Chap 8 (there are none needed)

Text Snips Chap 9 (there are none needed)